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Our rooftop was inaugurated in 2019 and, coincidentally, that year marked a century of placing the founding stone of the building (in 1919). SALON 1923 completes the dream of its creators (arch Mario Palanti and businessman Luis Barolo) who planned to install a rooftop bar. That is why the name of the rooftop pays homage to its origins: the word ROOF and LOUNGE appeared on the original plans of the building and the number 1923 refers to the year the Barolo was inaugurated. (the Palace took four years to build)

From the heights of SALON 1923 you can enjoy two outdoor spaces: the TERRAZZO OBELISCO facing east and the TERRAZZO CONGRESO to the west, the scene of unforgettable sunsets. In addition, we have a SPAZIO INTERIORE (indoor) set like the golden 20’s. This period theme is also reflected in the uniform of our staff and the music that accompanies each evening where you can enjoy gourmet tapas accompanied by classic cocktails and author.

The experience of visiting us becomes unforgettable when toasting and watching the Barolo luminaire from any of our Terrazzos. They say it’s lucky to celebrate looking at the highest point of Paradise, where dreams come true. And, as we are the only rooftop in the world that has an Urban Lighthouse, you have the opportunity to meet us and check it out.

The story of

Luigi Barolo, the textile entrepreneur who financed the building, required it to express the majesty of a decade that loomed promising, the golden 20’s. Argentina was growing at an accelerated rate and it was wise to invest in a real estate project that would welcome both companies and professionals who needed an office located in a strategic point of our city.

The Architect, his Italian compatriot Mario Palanti, then projected that the building should reflect great category and originality in its entire structure. That is why Palanti designed, himself, from the elevators to the lamps and doorknobs, giving it his unmistakable stamp.

It also provided the Palace with the most modern technological advances to position it among the great skyscrapers that existed at the time.

Emulating those imposing structures, he crowned it with an amazing luminaire, emblem of its importance to the city. Even today, the Palacio Barolo Lighthouse is the only one of its kind and, since it was put into value more than a decade ago, it lights up and rotates, illuminating the center of Buenos Aires, thus reaffirming its character as an icon of Buenos Aires.

The Barolo is recognized by an exceptional hallmark that makes it unique in the world: it is architecture inspired by Poetry. The palace is the representation of Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy and, therefore, it is conceptually divided into Hell (basements of the building and Ground Floor), Purgatory (Floors 1 to 14) and Heaven (from Floor 15 to the top).

Our Rooftop, located on the 16th floor, is located in Paradise according to the Dantesque segmentation of the building.

SALON 1923 is located on the historic Av de Mayo. This avenue was the first boulevard that the city of Buenos Aires had and also the one that articulated the historic center with the civic one. This Avenue was designed to express the opulence of an era, being populated with sophisticated buildings in the art Nouveau, neoclassical and eclectic styles, with the Palacio Barolo being a valued acquisition at the beginning of the 20th century.

In 1997, Avenida de Mayo was declared a National Historic Site and Barolo as a National Historic Monument. In 2010, the luminaire that we see from the two terraces of our rooftop was declared the Argentine Bicentennial Lighthouse.


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